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Performs  1130Am - 1PM

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Performs 130PM - 3PM


 Performs 330PM - 530PM




Performs 6PM- 730PM



Performs 8PM- 930PM

Comedian Host




Four nonsensical words that mean nothing. But to the millions of Def Leppard fans they signify that a ceremony of both sight and sound has just begun. Being called "The Next Best Thing to Def Leppard" is an honor that LEPPARD: The Def Leppard Experience doesn't take lightly. Ten years in the making, the band captures the music and the essence of a rock band that has sold over 100 million albums worldwide. Grabbing the bull by the horns, LEPPARD has stunned audiences all over the world with their amazing recreation of one of the most memorable rock bands and rock songs ever written. The music, the vocals, the harmonies and the screams. Don't worry, it's all there. Fortunately the band has worked hard to make sure that nothing is left out. And once the show starts, LEPPARD never slows down. The guitars are on 11, the bass reverberates the low rhythms and the drums cut through the excited crowd as the band glides through a long list of energetic rock anthems and power ballads that will have the crowd singing along and screaming for more. But being professional, first-class veterans of rock are only part of the band's arsenal . At the core of this band lives an unrivaled chemistry that comes alive on the stage. The band exudes vitality, and their excitement is contagious. Those of you who have seen the band already know what I mean. Those who haven't, well, you're in for quite a treat.


Fronted by the original lead singer of Foreigners Journey, Keith Carmichael nails the extremely hard vocal range of Def Leppard. Keith has toured the world with many outstanding acts like Foreigners Journey and captivates the audience like the exceptional front man that he is.


Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime of seeing LEPPARD perform at The Thunder in the Valley Concert & Fireworks.

We are the definitive Kenny Chesney Tribute Band.


Kenny Chesney is one of the most popular touring acts in country music today, regularly selling out stadiums all over the U.S.A.  His tours are among  the highest-grossing concerts today .  Kenny has had over  thirty Top Ten singles, twenty two of which have climbed to number one. He has recorded fourteen certified gold (or higher) albums and he has sold over thirty million albums worldwide, thanks to  the “No Shoes Nation”.


Kenny Chesney has been honored with six Academy of Country Music awards, including four consecutive Entertainer of the Year awards, as well as six Country Music Association awards. Additionally he has received awards from the American Music Awards, Country Music Television, Billboard Music Awards, and People’s Choice Awards.

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IT'S ONLY ROCK AND ROLL The Blushing Brides, who have been performing their Rolling Stones tribute show since 1979, are now on their 40th anniversary tour. The world’s longest and most successful Rolling Stones tribute band,” the Blushing Brides have performed more than 4,000 Stones tribute shows in their 40-year history, predominantly in Ontario, Quebec, the Maritime provinces, and the Eastern U.S.
According to Richard Colgan—the Keith Richards of the group—“The Blushing Brides’ fan base is really the same thing as the fans of The Rolling Stones. It’s all about delivering the music of the Rolling Stones in the best way we can for audiences that love the Stones just like we do. In terms of demographics, mostly 50 years and up, and very often well over 50, considering that the Stones are now 75 and that lifetime fans of theirs would be up in their age range. That said, with a 57-year history, we have largely become an all-ages show with something for everyone. Fans really want to hear the Stones’ greatest hits so we play all of them, but a few (personal) favourites are Midnight Rambler and Gimme Shelter.
The Brides began blushing way back in 1979 when lead singer, Maurice Raymond, originally from Montreal, along with guitarist James Green, also from Montreal, met some other musicians from Kingston. They decided to form a band and to make the format a tribute to their favorite band, The Rolling Stones. Raymond as Mick Jagger and Green on guitar are the two remaining original members from the group’s 1979 inception.
Colgan, who had previously played the Keith Richards guitar slot revisits his favourite role in the Blushing Brides, with bassist Matt Greenberg, appearing with The Brides for more than 20 years now, and Sascha Tukatsch on drums—a Brides alumnus since 1987.
“Everyone in the band loves the music of the Rolling Stones and has for decades since they were teenagers, and still do,” explained Colgan. “And to keep it fresh, every time we play a song, it is a little different than every time before as a live performance of the song produced in the moment on stage.”

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WANTED DOA: Who We Are....

The sentiment of Bon Jovi's music hits home and no matter the age group, their music is iconic and recognizable to the masses. As one of history's most successful music acts with over 130 million RIAA certified sales and countless awards, it's no wonder there are countless acts looking to pay tribute to this legendary group. However, there is only one who truly captures the authenticity of what Bon Jovi's music is all about and what their fans demand; Wanted DOA.

This is the part that we are supposed to tell you how great we are, and state all the awesome things we have done individually in the past. Well it's not about us, it is about Bon Jovi!  As musicians, we have had varying degrees of success in our careers but the one thing we have in common, and the one thing that makes this tribute act work, is that we love and connect with the music. The group first formed in 2015 with the goal of capturing both the studio and live aspects of the songs and to really hone in on the essence of Bon Jovi.  First and foremost it is all about the music. So that means working the vocal harmonies, guitar and keyboard sounds, and most importantly the lead vocals.  To be a good Bon Jovi tribute you need to sound as much like Jon as possible!  A pretty tough feat....

Next...The live show!  Our goal is to put on a performance reminiscent of the rock shows from days long gone. Sound, lights and to engage the crowd, getting them on their feet while screaming for one more. Yes, our lead singer looks a little like Jon, and our guitarist (in a cowboy hat) could pass for Ritchie... But we are not trying look like the band, so you will not see us in wigs, trying to imitate the 80's era group.  For us it is a celebration of the music, while at the same time trying to deliver an authentic experience to all the other fans of Bon Jovi.  

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The band Cottonwood celebrates 30 years together as a premier country band in the Pioneer Valley! 

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